The Pullman offers a Perfect Weekend Getaway

Immerse yourself in living history while enjoying some time away at the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum’s Pullman Bed and Breakfast. The restored 1925 Pullman is perfect for a weekend getaway that lets you live like last century’s travelers. Tuscarawas County Convention and Visitors Bureau’s own Ryan Pastircak did just that!

Total Immersion

The historical atmosphere of the train car is immediate once you arrive. A single hallway adorned with photographs and original fixtures pass by as you make your way through the cabin. The Pullman offers three double suites, two singles and can house up to 16-guests at a time. The narrow corridor serves as a constant reminder that the car is a vehicle first and foremost. As soon as you get to your reserved room

you will be amazed at how much exploring there is to do in that space. Pour over the wall art and investigate how well the Pullman marries comfort and utility to maximize usable space. It seems like everything from the sink to the seats were designed with multiple purposes in mind. Each moment you spend marveling takes you deeper into the mindset of an actual passenger.

All the Amenities

The Depot welcomes you with a greeting box filled with gift certificates to their ‘Over the Rail Diner’ for breakfast each morning as well as a list of nearby attractions. At night, food and drink is just a short walk away at the Dennison Yard and Pangrazio’s Pizza. On Sunday and Monday Mornings the Depot staff leaves a goodie basket outside your room so you can enjoy breakfast right there aboard the train.

Creature Comforts

Each cabin comes equipped with an A/C unit and WiFi is available to guests. So despite the completely authentic experience you can still enjoy a little modernity during your stay.

Whether you are looking for a couples getaway or want to take an interesting family trip to the past, The Dennison Railroad Depot Museum offers you the perfect arrangement with their beautifully restored Pullman Bed and Breakfast. You can book a single compartment or reserve the entire train for a chance to live in an era where

the railroad was king. Click here to book your visit now!

No matter where you want to stay, a weekend getaway is right next door! Visit for great recommendations or give us a call at the Tuscarawas County Convention and Visitors Bureau! (330)-602-2420

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