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Gnadenhutten Museum & Historical Park

Gnadenhutten Park
352 South Cherry Street, Gnadenhutten, Ohio 44629, United States
300-304 South Cherry Street Gnadenhutten Ohio 44629 US

Gnadenhutten, Ohio’s oldest existing settlement, prospered until the outbreak of the Revolutionary War when the Indians were driven from their homes. In February 1782, they were allowed to return to their village. On March 8, 1782, following a night of hymn singing and prayer, 90 men, women and children were massacred and all of the cabins were set on fire by the Pennsylvania Militia. Today, a museum, mass grave and monument, and two reconstructed log buildings commemorate this tragic event. In 1798, the village was re-established as a white settlement. A 35-foot monument was erected on the grounds of the Historical Park. The museum houses artifacts as well as an extensive arrowhead collection.

Gnadenhutten Park 6 years ago
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