521 N Wooster Ave, Dover, Ohio 44622, United States
521 North Wooster Avenue Dover Ohio 44622 US
(330) 204-9086(330) 204-9086

The Crowe’s Nest Bed & Breakfast is a historic building and was built in 1881. This beautiful restored Victorian home offers guests a memorable, classic stay with modern amenities.

Softie's Ice Cream.jpg
717 N Wooster Ave, Dover, OH 44622, United States 0.12 mi

Softie’s Ice Cream is a local favorite! Stop by for some wonderful frozen treats like their malt milkshakes or have a cookie dough Tornado!

Open seasonally, during the Summer they are open until 9pm

Lehman's Big Open Road.jpg
116 S Crate Ave, Dover, OH 44622, USA 0.13 mi
Mary Zifers.jpg
110 W 4th St, Dover, OH 44622, United States 0.17 mi

Mary Zeifer’s Pizza in Dover has a diverse selection of pizza and Italian cuisine. Family favorites include spaghetti, rigatoni and even subs! Their pizza is made from scratch, their vegetables are freshly sliced and there is a whole host of toppings to choose from. Mary Zeifer’s Pizza also offers family style dining.

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803 N Wooster Ave, Dover, OH, United States 0.18 mi

Famous Endings Museum is considered to be one of the largest known collections of its kind – with over 1,500 pieces of memorabilia on display! This collection began in 1996, when John Herzig of Toland-Herzig Funeral Homes was indulging in his autograph collection hobby. In addition to an autographed photo of legendary boxer Joe “the Brown Bomber” Louis, the package he received included a program from the fighter’s 1981 funeral ceremony. That event sparked John’s interest in famous funerals and so began his collection.

Some highlights of his collection includes Abraham Lincoln, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Phil Hartman, Dave Thomas, Pat Tillman, Vince Lombardi and more.

Mindy's Diner.jpg
221 East 3rd Street, Dover, Ohio 44622, United States 0.23 mi

Mindy’s Dover Station serves breakfast and lunch in a 1950’s themed diner. Baked goods are available daily and for order. Their hours are:

  • Tuesday-Saturday: 6am – 1pm
  • Sunday: 8am – 2pm
118 W 3rd St, Dover, OH 44622, United States 0.28 mi

The Emporium offers a wide variety of merchandise at prices that will make starting or adding to a collection or a decorating idea very easy.

Closed Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday.

Open Tuesday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Miller's Creamery.jpg
211 W 3rd St, Dover, OH, United States 0.29 mi

Miller’s Creamery has two locations here in Tuscarawas County:

  • Dover (Year ‘Round) – 221 W 3rd ST, Dover OH 44622
  • New Philadelphia (Seasonal) – 1706 E High AVE, New Philadelphia 44663

Their Dover location is open from 11am to 9pm Monday through Saturday. Enjoy their delicious scoop ice cream, their wonderful sherbet and amazing caramel corn. Cheeseburgers, hotdogs, and other food items are also available.

223 W 3rd St, Dover, OH 44622, United States 0.29 mi

Pangrazio Pizza was purchased in 1978, by Robert and Thelma Armstrong. The restaurant has been in the Armstrong family for more than 35 years. They still use the original Pangrazio recipe to make both their spaghetti and pizza sauce. They also make their own homemade spaghetti noodles, meatballs and pizza dough daily.

933-935 N Wooster Ave, Dover, Ohio, United States 0.32 mi

Stop by Subway for a quick bite to eat! Make your own sandwich and salad.

233 West 3rd Street, Dover, OH, United States 0.32 mi

John’s Sweeper Service was founded in Dover, OH in 2006. Owner John Cadle has more than 15 years’ experience in servicing and repairing vacuum cleaners and cleaning equipment. It is currently located at 233 West 3rd Street in downtown Dover. This space was the former home of Feinberg’s Department Store, Schwartz’s Clothing in 1950, and more recently the Tuscarawas Senior Center.

The history of the vacuum cleaner began before electricity was invented. Housewives and maids had to use brooms or rug beaters to battle the dirt that was in the home. In the 1800’s the pneumatic vacuum cleaner became available which used a system of bellows and valves to draw in air and the dirt with it. A person would have to pump the bellows for the system to work. Because they moved little air they were not very effective. Later came versions that, when pushed, would actuate the bellows and do the same thing. These were commodities for the wealthy upper class…

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237 W 3rd St, Dover, Ohio 44622 0.33 mi
Missions Cafe.jpg
128 W 2nd St, Dover, Ohio 44622 0.35 mi
Krocker 2 resize.jpg
236 North Tuscarawas Avenue, Dover, Ohio 44622, United States 0.37 mi

Krocker’s Bar & Grill is your place in downtown Dover for sports and great food! Their hours are:

  • Monday-Thursday: 11am – 10pm
  • Friday-Saturday: 11am – 11pm
  • Sunday: 11am -7pm
215 North Tuscarawas Avenue, Dover, Ohio 44622, United States 0.38 mi

Take a look into history and enjoy the sights and sounds of years gone by as you experience two of our greatest pastimes, radio and television, from their beginnings. The museum has on display mechanical televisions from the 1920’s and 30’s, a 1939 RCA TV from the New York World’s Fair, Marconi’s first TV from 1938, the first color TV (1954) and many, many more. Our visitors can view many games, toys and comic books relating tot he very early shows of the 1940’s and 50’s, along with props from movies and TV shows. Memorabilia from early Cleveland TV includes Dick Goddard’s first weather gauges and posters of the Gene Carroll show. Relive your memories as you view scenes from various vintage shows.

Admission by appointment. Bus tours are welcome.

109 North Wooster Avenue, Dover, Ohio 44622, United States 0.39 mi
(330) 343-2731(330) 343-2731

Limby’s Restaurant & Bar is your place for great food! Try their amazing steak burger! Their hours are:

  • Monday-Friday: 5am – 2:30am
  • Saturday: 8am – 2:30am
118 N Wooster Ave, Dover, Ohio 44622 0.39 mi
El Pueblito.jpg
213 N Tuscarawas Ave, Dover, OH 44622 0.39 mi
Blazin Burgers.jpg
707 N Crater Ave, Dover, Ohio 44622, United States 0.39 mi

Blazin’ Burgers is a 50’s style burger joint, serving hamburgers, fresh cut fries, and more. Their hours are:

  • Monday-Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Taqueria Lopez.jpg
120 N Wooster Ave, Dover, Ohio 44622 0.39 mi
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