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National Historic Landmark
National Historic Landmark
Lucille's Diner
400 Center Street, Dennison, Ohio 44621, United States
400 Center Street Dennison Ohio 44621 US

The Dennison Depot was the site of a famous WWII Servicemen’s Canteen that served 1.5 million GI’s, and was nicknamed “Dreamsville.” The restored 1873 Pennsylvania Railroad Depot now houses a museum with exhibits that fill the original Women’s Waiting Room, baggage room, ticket office, and Railway Express building.

Displays feature local history such as the baptism of Hollywood Film Star, Clark Gable, the Pennsylvania Railroad Baseball Teams, which George W. Bush’s Great-Grandfather, Samuel Prescott Bush played, a large N-scale model railroad layout depicting the town of Dennison, clay artifacts from when the area was the clay capitol of the county and of course, railroad and canteen artifacts. The Depot stands exactly 100 miles from Columbus and Pittsburgh, and is located specifically at that point because a steam engine could only go 100 miles before requiring water. At its peak, the Dennison Yards were considered to be the most complete and extensive in the country.

In addition to the Museum, the restaurant on site – Lucille’s – is a wonderful 1940’s themed diner with a menu suitable for all ages!

Lucille's Diner 4 years ago
National Historic Landmark 4 years ago
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