Today's Times Reporter Tuscarawas Valley Treasure is the Famous Endings Museum!

Famous Endings

Herzig said he believes that people who have contributed something that changed our lives should be recognized. Designed by George Laurence of New Philadelphia, the museum honors world, civil rights, religious and military leaders, athletes, astronauts, entertainers, presidents, first ladies and inventors. Some of the portrait murals are 8 feet tall. Among the long list of names with items on display are: Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Harry S. Truman, James Garfield, Woodrow Wilson, William McKinley, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, Sir Winston Churchill, Queen Victoria, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Don Knotts, Charles Schulz, George Burns, Perry Como, Rodney Dangerfield, Jesse Owens, Wilt Chamberlain and Bob Feller.